About CACA Gems & Jewellery

Greetings, thank you for visiting our website. At CACA, we value our customers. Your thoughts and support are what counts.

The services that we provide include:

  • Full customisation of jewelleries which means you can choose to design your very own piece
  • Tailor designs based on an existing piece to your requirements
  • Pre-designed individual jewelleries

In designing jewellery, we provide consultancy throughout to ensure that the pieces we put forward are of quality and carries unique characteristics with a story to tell from its bearer. So, design one today to express yourself.

As quality assurance, we offer a wide range of colored stones and diamonds incorporated jewelleries and use only materials that are carefully selected by professionals. These treasures are our promise in delivering you a memorable piece brought to and brought by bountiful pleasure of both designing and wearing the custom pieces.

At CACA, we enjoy putting together these fragments of memories and we want to help you realise the piece of jewellery that fits your every occasion. Jewelleries to us represents recollections of different people, personalities. It should work to complete your every outfit, adds a glam to every natural glow, and the perfect way to commence every occasion.

To capture this very moment, feel free to design your own jewellery and have a go at the extra touch of personalisation. Believe us, it does make all the difference and you will enjoy every bit of it.

It takes only a moment to capture but a lifetime to remember.

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We absolutely loved how the custom made ring turned out. It was exactly what we envisaged, quality and craftsmanship. The experience engaging with CACA was smooth and pleasant. They listened to every detail of our requirements and delivered it as expected. Thank you CACA Gems! :)

- LY and P

My buying experience from CACA has been a blissful and educational one. They helped me throughout the entire process and answered every question that I had to ask. I highly recommend CACA Gems & Jewellery to anyone that is looking to purchase any form of jewellery.

- A.Tan

Excellent service from the point of picking the correct design all the way to the dimensions of the ring. Very attentive to detail and answered questions quickly and clearly.

- S and R

Really good craftsmanship and design, exactly what I had in mind. CACA made sure that all my requests had been fulfilled. I knew I would get a yes the moment I saw the ring, and it didn't fail me.

- J.H Tan

Working with CACA Gems & Jewellery has been nothing short of perfect. The designer we worked with is extremely attentive and talented and our rings have turned out better than we expected. CACA knows how to incorporate the most subtle of personal touches into the most elegant and stunning designs, we highly recommend CACA.

- P and K

Thanks a million for making this such a memorable one! CACA is thoroughly professional and attentive towards our requests. We truly appreciate the effort that is put into providing us with options at every point of decision making and even going the extra mile to source for the Diamond exactly to our specifications! The ring itself is a stunner! A brilliant Diamond set atop a gorgeously intricate setting. We could only dream about it but you made it came to life, just exactly the way we wanted it.

- HF and YJ

CACA Gems & Jewellery has provided me with exceptional services, including advice on Diamond selection and ring designs to suit my budget for the ideal engagement ring. The quality of the end product was beyond my expectations.

- M.Y. Lim

CACA has designers who are professional, creative, dedicated, truly passionate about what they do and they give impeccable customer service. Their work and designs are incredible and the actual jewellery that CACA makes is perfection. They will go the distance to ensure that their customers are happy. CACA has given my fiancé and I a truly wonderful experience in getting our custom made rings done. An absolute pleasure to work with!

- R and C

CACA was helpful, quick and responsive to all my enquiries. It's a delight that they're able to work on the custom piece within a tight deadline and budget. I had an overall wonderful experience and definitely going to make my next piece with CACA again.

- K. Yong

My experience with CACA Gems has been wonderful. Their professionalism and kind service have been a true reflection of their commitment to their customers. I am in no doubt that CACA Gems will achieve even more in the near future.

- L. Lim

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