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Birthstone: Peridot

Origin: According to the Hawaiians, Peridot gemstones are tears shed from the Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes, Pele. Natives believe so because this gemstones were created as a result of volcanic activity.

Meaning: Happiness, power, love, beauty, faithfulness, strength, dignity, fame, protection, fortune, employment, courage, influence, loyalty, vitality, growth, dignity, nature, youth, passion, mystery, faith, enchantment, justice, prosperity, healing, fertility, peace, luck, innocence, success


  • - A driven individual
  • - Trendsetter or a fashionable person
    • Perfect as a gift for the 17th Wedding Anniversary.


      • - One of the oldest known gemstones where it is also called as the 'evening emerald'.
      • - Aztecs, Incas and Egyptians use this gemstone to gently cleanse and aid the recovery of the physical heart.

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