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Birthstone: Turquoise

Alternative Birthstone: Tanzanite, Zircon

Origin: Derived from the French word, Pierre Tourques - The Meaning of Turkish Stone back in the 13th Century. It is prized by the native Americans and gained popularity across the United States with credits to them.

Meaning: Love, prosperity, fortune, success, courage, happiness

Perfect as a gift for the 16th Wedding Anniversary.


  • - In ancient beliefs, Native Americans considered the colour of blue sky and green earth to have similarities with those of turquoise stones.
  • - Up until today, this symbolizes the sources of Mankind between spirit and sky and its powers to convey wisdom.
  • - Will fade in sunlight and may be affected by oil, dishwater and sweat.
  • - Not advisable to the exposure to chlorine bleach or of similar substance.

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