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Birthstone: Pearl

Origin: Grecians state that on the day that the Goddess of Love was born from the sea, the hardened tears of joy from her eyes formed pearls. Myth of Ancient Chinese stated that the dragons' brains produced what is known today as pearls.

Meaning: Faith, Peace, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Health, Longevity, Friendship, Power, Courage, Modesty, Chastity, Innocence, Confidence, Pureness, Cleanliness, Reverence, Longevity, Simplicity, Elegance

Suitability: Daily gemstone for Monday

Perfect as a gift for the 30th Wedding Anniversary.


  • - Small number of divers trust the pearls offer protection from sharks.
  • - Black and gold pearls allegedly bring prosperity as pearls originate from the sea and are said to have lunar and watery elements, hence, facilitate in emotional balance.

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