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Birthstone: Aquamarine


  • - Derived from the Roman word, Aqua - The meaning of water, marina or   the sea.
  • - Washed up ashore from the jewellery boxes of Mermaids where sailors   used to wear these gemstones as a medallion to ward off danger in their   safe voyage whilst at sea.

Meaning: Creativity, Beauty, Courage, Strength, Idealism, Faithfulness, Stability, Friendship, Honesty, Loyalty, Youth, Perception, Confidence, Healing, Harmony, Protection, Tranquility, Awareness, Wisdom, Calmness, Idealism, Health, Hope, Spiritual Strength

Suitability: The planetary gemstone for the zodiac sign of Pisces

Perfect as anniversary gifts as it is believed to reawaken and revive love in a tired marriage.

Belief: Safety and security in long distance relationships.

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