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Birthstone: Emerald

Origin: Derived from the Grecian word, Smaragdus - The colour of green. Mined from Egypt dated back to 330 B.C.

Meaning: Youth, Love, Faith, Goodness, Peace, Prosperity, Rebirth, Loyalty, Friendship, Happiness, Faithfulness, Wisdom, Nature, Youth, Growth, Confidence, Relxation, Fidelity, Money, Fortune, Balance, Employment, Joy, Courage, Faith, Tranquility, Success, Mystery, Fertility, Healing, Life


  • - Nature Lover
  • - The planetary gemstone for the zodiac sign of Taurus
  • - Daily gemstone for Friday

Perfect as a gift for the 55th Wedding Anniversary.

Belief: Folklore give credit to Emeralds for giving the wearer psychic powers, improvement of eyesight and fertility aid for the women.

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