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Birthstone: Topaz

Alternative Birthstone: Citrine

Origin: Some says it derived from the Greek word, Topazos - The Meaning of "A Precious Stone". Others say it came from the Sanskrit word, Tapas - The Meaning of Heat.

Meaning: Fidelity, loyalty, healing, stability, friendship, peace, strength, protection, harmony, prosperity, constancy, luck, courage, confidence, piety, wisdom, serenity

Suitability: Those with mood wing, depression, worry, stress, nervousness, anxiety, fear, insomnia and exhaustion.

Perfect as a gift for the 16th Wedding Anniversary.


  • - According to Ancient Greeks, the wearer possesses invisibility in dangerous conditions.
  • - Distant past believed that it provides strength and calms anger.
  • - Ancient civilization idealized that topaz has a cooling effect.
  • - Folklore grounds these gemstones into powder as a form of medication for cure insomnia and asthma.

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