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Birthstone: Sapphire

Alternative Birthstone: Lapis Lazuli

Origin: Derived from the Greek Word, Sapphirus - The Meaning of Blue. Kings and Priests considered them as a symbol of purity and wisdom.

Meaning: Purity, sincerity, wisdom, love, truth, victory, constancy, insight, interpretation, strength, clairvoyance, faithfulness, mercy, foresight, confidence, idealism, peace, harmony, power, calm, spirituality, purity, healing, meditation, truth, serenity, faith


  • - A person with a strong personality and gives priority to peacefulness
  • - Daily gemstone for Wednesday

Perfect as a gift for the 23rd Wedding Anniversary.


  • - Distant past swore by that sapphires protect loved ones from harm and jealousy.
  • - Ancient priests believed that these gemstones assist them in predictions.
  • - The stronger this gemstone sparkles, the more honest and faithful the wearer is.

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