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Care for Your Jewelleries

Regular Inspection


We advice to have your jewelleries especially rings checked every 6 months, depending on how regular you wear them. If you have an active lifestyle, it is advisable to have them examined every 2 to 3 months. This precaution is necessary to prevent possible loose stones, shift in prong settings and so forth. Through daily wear and tear, it is common for these to occur. Therefore, frequent preemptive checks are highly encouraged.

Clean Regularly


Simply by using warm soapy water, jewellery cleaning is easily accessible to normal households. This applies to most jewelleries such as Diamonds.

To preserve your jewellery sparkle, it is important to have your jewellery cleaned with a lint-free cloth before storage. This way, the film created on your jewellery by natural body oil, lotions or even dirt from the environment will be effectively removed.

Daily Precaution


Avoid wearing them during exercise, cleaning, gardening, swimming, sports, etc. This is because sweat and chlorine water can be corrosive to your jewelleries.

Always spray perfume before wearing the jewellery pieces on.

Avoid using lotion after you put on your jewellery as lotion in most cases presents substantial amount of oil.

Keeping Them Safely


All jewelleries should be stored in its individual jewellery boxes or a jewellery container that has different compartments of its own. This is to avoid contact between jewellery pieces that can cause scratches, chips or indentations.

Every jewelleries purchased here at CACA comes with our very own signature box designed to keep them safely and organized for your convenience.