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Metals & Materials

Here at CACA Gems & Jewellery, our carefully made jewelleries are crafted in a wide selection of precious metals. Let us browse you through them:-

  • Platinum - Despite its higher price and weight as well as its difficulty to craft with, it is known for its superior strength and resistance to tarnish with a natural silvery shine. It fits as a secure setting for gemstones as platinum permanently retains its shape. Polished platinum's luster becomes softer and richer over time as it achieves an enchanting subtle glow.
  • Gold (Yellow, Rose, White, Black) - Available in 24K, 22K, 18K, 14K, 9K with varying degrees of purity in the percentage gold content. 18K is commonly used in jewelleries due to its relative strength and desirable gold karatage. It is normal for colour to tarnish over daily wear and tear but can be easily replated to return to its original luster.
  • Silver - A relatively inexpensive semi-precious white metal. It possesses a luster that shines more brightly than any other metal on Earth. However, its reactivity with the acid in human sweat tends to turn it black over time though this tarnishing effect can be easily removed.
  • Other associated materials such as Enamel and Palladium are also available.