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How to Determine Your Ring Size

In our strive to foster a user-friendly way for clients to determine their ring size at the comfort of their homes, our CACA printable ring measurement guide has made the process a breeze. This simple method allows you to be guided thoroughly on how you can correctly and accurately decide your ring size. Download our CACA printable ring measurement guide today!

International Ring Size Chart

International Ring Size Chart

Tips When Measuring Ring Size

Determine which intended ring finger
It is important to decide which finger you intend to wear the ring on as sizes vary for both hands. An extra note would be that engagement rings and wedding bands are usually customarily worn on the ring finger on left hand though it is still subject to individual preference.

Best time to measure ring size
Environmental temperature may cause inaccuracy when measuring ring size as your finger expands slightly when in a warmer environment and vice versa, shrinks slightly when in a cooler environment. Hence, it is best to measure at the end of the day and when your fingers are warm as fingers are more likely to be smaller in the morning and when cold.

Your ring should fit your finger comfortably
It should be loose enough to slide through your knuckle but tight enough that it does not rotate or fall off.

Measure up to 3 to 4 times
By measuring it a few more times, this will increase its accuracy and eliminate an erroneous reading.

Buying The Ring As a Surprise

  • Seek advice from your partner's family members or close friends if they know her ring size.
  • Borrow one of your partner's existing ring (of the correct finger) and determine its ring size using CACA printable ring measurement guide.

Avoid using paper, strings or bands
When measuring ring size, expandable and stretchable materials may mislead to incorrect measurements.