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The Asscher is named after its creator, Joseph Asscher back in 1902. The Asscher stone embodies a classic appearance with an improved balance of scintillation than its nearly identical Emerald. The overall shape of the Asscher is a square with larger facets rather than a rectangle.

This striking shape is a popular choice for Art Deco jewelleries from the early twentieth century. Two of the most renowned stones in the world were cut from the very same 3,105 rough Diamond by creator Joseph Asscher and Abraham Asscher. With all its glory, the pear-shaped Cullinan I weighing at 530.20 ct sits atop on the royal scepter in the British crown jewels and the cushion-shaped Cullinan II at a magnificient 317.40 ct lies in the British imperial state crown.

An Asscher Diamond is closely associated with the personal traits of being meticulous and feminine, a beautiful piece to look out for.