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Originally created in Amsterdam in the late 70's, due to its atypical shape, it remains unpopular as Diamond solitaires for engagement rings until modern day designers introduced contemporary engagement ring designs. Despite that, trilliant shapes are extremely popular as accent stones for its exceptional silhouette.

Also known as the 'trillion', it makes a daring and bold choice. When it comes to setting the delicate points of a Trilliant, bezel settings are amongst the popular choices to carefully protect the fragile edges. Its unusual shape allows it to fit perfectly alongside with other shapes in an assorted design and it too makes as a beautiful side stone for shapes like Princess and Cushion. A trilliant is often cut shallow, hence resulting in an appearance of a large carat weight.

One who admires a Trilliant is usually associated with confidence and of being adventurous. A definite avant-garde piece to look out for that extravagant distinctive effect.