Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in designing my own piece. How do I go about it?

First, drop us an email via our contact page. One of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly and from there we will collaboratively work on the design details, costing and delivery that best suits you.

How do I purchase from this website?

Off the shelf products are readily available for purchase. From here, you can drop us an email and we will be in contact with you of possible arrangements. Same applies for other made-to-order products on the website.

Please note that our customization service is currently geographically limited to Malaysia. Shipping arrangements to overseas customers are not available at this point in time.

Payment methods

Our current payment options are bank transaction and cash. Over time, payments via PayPal and Credit card will be available.

Refund policy

To maintain our assurance in quality, all purchases are not refundable or exchangeable. It is our duty to provide you our jewellery pieces in the best condition and we assure that all our products upon delivery go through a comprehensive precision check.

Deposit and bookings

A confirmation payment of 50% is required for all custom made jewellery pieces and are non-refundable. As for pre-designed jewellery pieces, no deposit applies. Clients are able to enjoy a maximum booking yield of up to 2 days for any of these jewellery pieces. All bookings will be released on the day thereafter.

How long it takes for a design/jewellery piece to be complete?

The duration is highly dependent on the availability of materials, the consultation period as well as the complexity of design. Generally upon confirmation, it will take us approximately 2-4 weeks to translate the design. We highly recommend discussing your arrangements with us in advance so that we can provide you not only an accurate delivery date but also help us work out a design that is best for you.

Can I produce copies of an existing design from other brands?

At CACA, we do not reproduce design copies of other brands. However, we are able to work on a particular design that you may like and assist in tailoring it to unique requirements and taste.

Our after-sale services include:

  1. Complimentary wear inspection for damages as well as cleaning to jewelleries purchased from us.
  2. We offer repairs to prongs or settings. Also available are repolishing and redesigning services. All these are offered at just a small cost.
  3. On-going consultation in regards to the purchased jewellery

All these are to ensure lifetime customer satisfaction of our jewellery pieces.

What should we focus on when purchasing a diamond?

The 4Cs which comprises of Carat Weight, Color, Clarity and Cut are the four essential factors to be considered. This represents all facets of a diamond's characteristics and value. To confidently select and evaluate a diamond piece, you may want to focus on the factors that are important to you. If you are unsure, rest assured that our consultants will walk you through the diamond selection process and assist you with searching of the diamond which best fits your criteria.

How should jewelleries be cared for?

Simply by using warm soapy water, jewellery cleaning is easily accessible to normal households. Avoid wearing them during exercise, cleaning, swimming, sports, etc). This is because sweat and chlorine water can be corrosive to your jewelleries.

Always spray perfume before wearing the jewellery pieces on. Also, avoid using lotion after you put on your jewellery as lotion in most cases presents substantial amount of oil. To preserve your jewellery sparkle, it is important to have your jewellery cleaned with a lint-free cloth before storage. This way, the film created on your jewellery by natural body oil, lotions or even dirt from the environment will be effectively removed.

How should I keep my jewelleries?

All jewelleries should be stored in its individual jewellery boxes or a jewellery container that has different compartments of its own. This is to avoid contact between jewellery pieces that can cause scratches, chips or indentations.

How often do I need to check my jewelleries for damage?

It is best to have them checked annually as a preemptive against loose prongs, etc.

I am looking for a gift for someone, where do I start?

There are many gift ideas. To begin with, one can look at the occasion itself. From there, the delivery message can be determined -- romance, friendship, appreciation or the likes. Flowers, gemstones and diamonds are similar, they represent the very essence of nature and have varying message to convey. Alternatively, one can look to map against birthstones, zodiacs, favorite colors and so forth. A jewellery piece can be meaningful and special in many ways. So, it should always capture the moment in time and be utilised to express a lifetime in memory.

How do we know if the jewelleries bought are of genuine colored stones and diamonds?

The foremost preemptive is to check against reputable sellers and the service offered for lab certification. At CACA, we present a wide range of Colored Stones and Diamonds incorporated jewelleries and use only materials that are carefully selected by professionals. We carry Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certified diamonds for diamonds of 0.30 carats or above. This also applies for selected gemstones.